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Who I What I Why

My journey started with my very first heart beat in Dersim Anatolia. My identity was mainly formed in Istanbul and Zürich. First contact with the anatolian (long-necked lute) Baglama was at the age of 16. Then I started studying classical guitar at the Zurich University of the Arts when I was 21, and finished in 2007. Since then I have produced Music between the Worlds and had the honor to share the stage with amazing artists such as Srdjan Vukasinovic, Julio Azcano, Roberto Hacaturyan, monsieur Gilles Apap and the bass guitar legend maestro Carles Benavent.  

Anatolian culture has shaped my heart and European culture has shaped my thinking what is also reflected in the evolution of my music. Building my life on the trail of inspiration and becoming inspiration myself, and doing what I love to do every day;

" Creating wonderful music WITHOUT BOUNDARIES, that touches and inspires me,

with the deepest desire to inspire YOU "

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